Should and Shouldn’t

Should and shouldn’t – modal verbs

Use the solutions from the box and complete the sentences using SHOULD or SHOULDN’T.

Use these solutions and complete the sentences with SHOULD or SHOULDN’T

ask her
learn more
forget your passport
be late for your plane

go to the dentist
take some aspirin
take a holiday

“My teeth hurt.” “You .”
“I´ve got a headache.” “You .”
“My father is working hard. ” “He´s really tired. He .”
“I had an argument with my mum. I am really sorry. ” ” You .”
“My girlfriend is not talking to me. ” “I don´t know why. You .”
“Jane got very bad marks. ” “She .”
You , when you go on holiday.
When you go on holiday, you .
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