Verb to be – repeatable

Verb to BE – present simple

Use IS / ARE / AM and complete the sentences. If you click the NEW QUIZ button you will get new questions.

You happy.
(your friend) English?
(you) married?
I (not) Minnie.
(it) cold today?
I from the Czech Republic.
My mum (not) a teacher.
He (not) thirsty.
They (not) from Spain.
(the book) interesting?
His hands (not) dirty.
My bag heavy.
Queen Elizabeth from Great Britain.
He a teacher.
(the horse) white?
It (not) a cat.
My father a bus driver.
He my brother.
They footballers.
Your boots dirty.
Your shoes are nice. (they) new?
(I) late?” “No, you’re on time.”
I very tired.
(you) tired?” “Yes, I am.”
It a cat.
She (not) my mother.
It (not) sunny today.
(it) cold in your room?” “Yes, a little.”
They at school.
My brothers (not) good tennis players.
I (not) Mickey.
Our house (not) very small.
The weather nice today.
He in the kitchen.
She beautiful.
(you) hungry?” “No, I’m not but I’m thirsty.”
They very happy.
He (not) tall.
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