Complete the sentences with BECAUSE and SO:

He had to go to prison of that, and then we all came back to England.
The college isn't near our flat, she takes the bus.
Anyway, I didn't like the colour of my new bedroom, last weekend I decided to paint it.
It's raining, Mickey and Millie can't go to the park.
I have a holiday next month, I have to go to the chemist's for sun cream.
She's seventeen years old, she goes to sixth form college.
We weren't very happy we were cold and wet all weekend.
My favourite room is the living room I can relax there and watch TV!
It has a balcony, they have a view of the whole village.
I got on the bus, but there weren't any seats downstairs, I sat upstairs.
My social life is based around my dancing friends, we're often together and share the same interests.
Sally and Steve weren't with us they don't like pop music.
But I'm not having a lot of fun today, I'm looking after my little sister.
I really like my room it is spacious and modern and I can see the park from my window.

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