Present perfect simple

Put the verbs in the brackets into the present perfect tense:

example: I ______ (just see) a ghost. – I have just seen a ghost.


I (not be) on TV or in a film, but I’d love to.
I (not see) a real Grand Prix, because I don’t live near a racetrack.
Ken’s team of climbers from Japan and Nepal (collect) over 500 kilograms of rubbish and brought it down the mountain.
Thousands of people (climb) the mountain since.
They (leave) tonnes of rubbish there, because they don’t want to carry it back down the mountain.
Now there is so much rubbish that people (call) the mountain ‘the highest rubbish dump in the world’.
I (just see) him.
He (just play) it.
She (have) a hamburger.
(do) today’s Science homework?
Jack (send) him a card.
We (just get) back from our holiday.

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