Past Simple – irregular and regular verbs

Put the verbs in the brackets into the past simple tense.

e.g. He ___ (go) to the park. – He went (go) to the park.

Last winter we (go) on holiday to Italy. But we (have) a lot of problems. First, the alarm clock (not ring) so we (get) to the airport really late. We (have) a good flight but when we (arrive) our bags (not be) there. So we (not have) any clean clothes. We (take) the taxi to our hotel. But the hotel (not have) two rooms for us and we (spend) the first night in one room. In the morning, we (have) breakfast at the hotel. We (walk) into the restaurant and then I (see) him. My English teacher (be) on holiday at the same hotel! What a disaster.
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