Irregular verbs

Put the verbs in the brackets into the past simple tense. Most of the verbs are irregular.

eg. I _____ (go) on holiday. – I went on holiday.

We (go) on a skiing holiday with the school this year, but I (not have) a good time, because I (have) an accident. I (ski) on the first day, but in the afternoon I (fall) over and (hurt) my knee. Luckily, I (not break) my leg, but it (be) very painful. After that I (cannot) ski any more.
In fact, I (not go) out for the next five days. All my friends (go) skiing every day, but I just (stay) in the hotel. I (watch) TV, (play) computer games and (read) magazines all day. It (be) very boring. But I want to go skiing again next year.
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