Have got – short answers

Write the correct short answer to these questions:

eg. Has he got a car? Yes, he has.

Have your parents got a house? No, they haven’t / they have/ my parents hasn’t/ .
Have you got a snake? No, I haven’t / I got not/ I have got/ .
Has Jane got a pen? No, she hasn’t / Jane has not got/ Jane has/ .
Has Jack got a cat? Yes, he has / he’s/ Jack has got/ .
Have your friends got a mobile phone? No, they haven’t / my friends haven’t/ my friends not got/ .
Has your mother got long hair? Yes, she has / my mother has/ mother have/ .
Have they got a bike? No, they haven’t / they have/ they not got/ .
Have Mike and Jack got a mouse? Yes, they have / he has/ Mike and Jack has/ .

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