Past simple

Past simple

Put the verb in the brackets into the past simple tense. If you click the NEW QUIZ button, new sentences will appear.

My grandfather (die) in 2010.
My dad (get) a new job last year.
My dad is from Scotland and my mum (grow) up in Liverpool.
I (think) he was moving to Scotland.
I (come) very early and I (be) right at the front!
So I (walk) along the road and I (see) a big tree in a garden.
In 1817 Baron von Drais (make) the first bicycle in Germany.
They (kill) many people.
We (take) our dog on our holiday.
I (not want) to move, but our house (not be) big enough any more.
Well, I (hear) the shot and then I (hear) a crash.
I (go) with Grace and her brother.
Neighbours (bring) food and water and (leave) it outside.
The teacher (think) Matt was stealing the wallet.
The girls (leave), and Ashley (look) round for something else to snap.
Jack (want) to repair the clock.
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