Will or Be going to

Will or Be going to

Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form. Use WILL or BE GOING TO.

Jack : I (take) the exams in three days. I am really nervous. But if I pass the exams, I think I (have) long holiday at home. My mother (be) happy that I am back at home with her. What are your plans? What (you do)?
Jane: I think I (stay) in Prague for a few weeks and enjoy all the tourist attractions. I have never seen Prague Castle. Prague is so fascinating. It (be)nice to have time to look around, and go to the theatre and everything.
Jack: That’s a great idea! I might stay for a week and do the same. If the weather’s good, we (be able) to go to Petřín see the whole Prague!
Jane: You (have) to tell your mother first She (not be) very happy!
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